• Walkin' Warrior HarnessWalkin' Warrior Harness
    • Provide your pet with rear lifting support for back leg weakness, paralysis, post-operative recovery, knee injury, or Degenerative Myelopathy
    • Compatible with Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.
    • Available in 3 fun, fashionable camo colors
  • Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness – RearWalkin’ Lift Combo Harness – Rear
    • Provides rear lifting support
    • Compatible with Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs
    • Fleece lined with mesh leg rings
    • Can be worn for extended periods
  • Walkabout REAR HarnessWalkabout REAR Harness
    • Rear lifting support
    • Neoprene fabric
    • Handles are sewn in, do not adjust
    • Not compatible with Walkin’ Wheels
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    walkin' dog lift harness
    walkin' dog lift harness
    dog rear support leash
    rear dog harness

    Dog Rear Lift Harnesses

    If your dog is experiencing degenerative myelopathy (DM), difficulty moving their hind legs, or recovering from an injury, you know firsthand how devastating this is to observe. Seeing your cherished animal friend unable to run around and play is as draining for you as it is for them. By using our dog rear lift harnesses, you can restore some of their normal behaviors, help them go to the bathroom, eat, and so on. In short, you can make their life (and yours) happier and easier!

    The Walkin' Lift Harnesses are:

    • Sizes available for all sized breeds for the right, snug fit
    • Compatible with dog-wheelchairs
    • Easily adjustable for your pet's comfort
    • Easy for you to put it on your pet
    • Made of durable material to last you a long time

    Product Details

    Which conditions do our rear lift harnesses help?
    • Degenerative myelopathy (DM)
    • Difficulty moving the hind legs
    • Injury recovery
    • Post-surgical recovery
    • Mobility issues caused by arthritis
    • Mobility issues caused by ACL tears
    • Veterinarian Approved
    • Fully adjustable and customizable fit
    • Ships out on day of purchase
    • Made of durable material
    • Excellent customer service only a direct phone call away

    Delivery is 1 to 5 days in much of the Continental U.S. Your order will be shipped from our East Coast facility, depending on product stock availability.

    When selecting ground transportation, we will select the fastest way for you using either UPS or USPS. Orders must be placed by 12 Noon EST, or 9 a.m. PST for same day shipping.

    If you need a guarantee of shipping time, please select from additional shipping options at checkout. Typically ships same day. Overnight shipping and international shipping available.

    Choose Based on Your Pet's Needs

    Walkin' Up-n-Go

    dog rear lift harness


  • Ideal for quick and easy hind leg support: helps your pet with their bathroom breaks, helps them up the stairs, helps them get into the car or onto the bed, etc.

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    Walkin' Lift Rear

    walkin' dog lift harness

    $39.99 - $69.99

  • Ideal for mobility changes caused by arthritis, hind leg weakness, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), injury or surgical recovery, and ACL tears.
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    Walkin' Lift Combo
    Harness - Rear

    walkin' dog lift harness

    $39.95 - $69.95

  • Ideal for heavy duty lifting needs: helps with poor mobility, injury recovery, surgical recovery, bathroom breaks, and getting them up the stairs into the car, or onto the bed.
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    Walkabout REAR

    rear dog harness

    $50.00 - $80.00

  • Ideal for quick and easy hind leg support: helps your pet with their bathroom breaks, helps them up the stairs, helps them get into the car or onto the bed, etc.

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    Walkin' Warrior Rear Harness

    walkin' dog lift harness

    $45.99 – $75.99

  • Ideal for easy & comfortable support for your pet: Rear support design reduces pressure or pet’s limbs and joint, spreading weight across their hips and abdomen.

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    Customer Reviews

    Just Clip and Go!

    We just got our German Shepherd, Gabbi, the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness. Now she can just “Clip & Go!” It’s easier to attach to her chair. I love this harness! It’s so much easier to carry her around when she’s not in her chair, and it gives her extra support as well.

    - Donna

    dog support harness


    I recently got the rear walk-about harness for my Golden with spinal stenosis. He is incontinent—both of urine and stool, so finding a harness that was diaper "friendly" and allowed him to urinate outside with the harness on was not easy. Your harness literally saved Jeremiah's life as I was not sure how much longer I could continue lifting him as he weighs 87 pounds, but your harness allows me to do it with a lot less stress then the other harnesses I bought. Love the neoprene as it washes great!

    Thank you from me and Jeremiah!

    rear dog harness