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Hind Leg Supports for Dogs

Did your dog get their leg caught in a fence or gate? Perhaps they had a close encounter with oncoming traffic, or maybe they slipped while adventuring with you outdoors. No matter what has happened, you’ve come to the right place. Our hind leg supports for dogs are exactly what your pup needs to recover from his or her physical incident. With product varieties such as hock wraps, booties, and full rear leg splints, there’s no type of mobility support Walkin’ Pets hasn’t thought of. Browse our hind leg supports for dogs today to find the type and size best developed for your pet’s situation. We also make filler foam that makes it easier to adjust individual splints for the size and width of your pet’s legs and paws. Shop our rear leg braces and splints now!

  • Otis in Walkin' Hock SplintWalkin' Hock Splint
    • Stiff support for lower, rear leg
    • Ideal for hyper extension and joint tendon issues
    • Keeps paw free for natural walking experience
  • Walkin' Rear SplintWalkin' Rear Splint
    • Stiff support for lower, rear leg injuries
    • Keeps rear leg in normal walking position
    • Rear splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Walkin' Splint Custom Fit PackWalkin' Splint Custom Fit Pack
    • Provides more custom fit of splint
    • Includes patterns for commonly used foam shapes
    • Provides additional support where needed
    • Can be used to eliminate rub points
  • Smudge in Walkin' Hock HuggerWalkin' Hock Hugger
    • Complete support of Hock Joint of Rear Leg
    • Fits natural angle of hock joint
    • Touch fasteners provide support above & below hock
    • Helps prevent hyperextension
  • Walkin' Hock WrapWalkin' Hock Wrap
    • Fits over hock for light support
    • Supports rear, hock joint
    • Ideal for minor rear leg injuries
    • Touch fasteners provide support above & below joint
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Support System RozeWalkin' Hip-EEZ Amputee System Maizy
    • Support your pet's hip joint through use of compression & support.
    • First ever pet hip support to provide support to hind leg amputees
    • Interchangeable attachments to support multiple hip conditions
    • Supports pets with Hip Dysplasia & Arthritis
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Cross Assist AttachmentWalkin' Hip-EEZ Cross Assist Attachment
    • Prevent pet's from crossing their hind legs as they recover.
    • Sit high between hind legs  to keep rear legs apart.
    • Attaches directly to Hip-EEZ System
    • Available in four sizes
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Donut AttachmentDonut On Dog
    • For treatment and/or prevention of pressure sores. 
    • Alleviate pressure on hip joint when a pet is laying down.  
    • Attaches to inside of Hip-EEZ Systems
    • Made of medical grade memory foam
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Bridge AttachmentWalkin' Hip-EEZ Bridge Attachment
    • Aide in the treatment of mild to moderate Hip Sub-Luxation injuries.
    • Keep joint in place when a pet is standing or moving.
    • Attaches to inside of Hip-EEZ Systems
    • Made of medical grade memory foam