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Listen to radio show podcasts of “Happy, Healthy Pets with Mark C. Robinson!”

Mark C. Robinson, president of Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com, talks to you about cutting edge advances in pet health and well-being, the latest pet products and services on the market, local and global pet issues, rescues and shelters worth shouting about, and inspirational stories from pet caretakers around the world.

“Happy, Healthy Pets with Mark C. Robinson” radio podcasts were originally broadcast live on WSMN 1590AM.

6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters.

Let’s talk about where and how to get a new dog family member. 

Important Links:

Heath’s Haven
Mac’s Mission
SFT rescue in Morocco [take a look! LOTS of dogs in Walkin’ Wheels!]
Michael Baine’s rescue in Thailand

Our Guests:

Kelly Arsenault, founder and president of Pronepups.org. Papillon Rescue of the North East (PRONE) is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization founded in 2012. It is comprised of rescue veterans who have been in the “business” of saving Papillons and Pomeranians for many years. They have now come together to join forces and strengthen their abilities. Their mission continues to be focused on the rescue, rehabiliation, and lifetime health and happiness of the dogs placed in their care. 
Bryanna Santoro, a Jr. volunteer at P.R.O.N.E. also joins the show. She is 13-years-old and has always loved animals and wants to be a veterinarian. She met Kelly and P.R.O.N.E 3 years ago at the Kingston fair, and has been involved ever since.

Visit guest Richard Bruce Rosenthal’s website at: http://TheDogLawyer.com

To purchase an autographed copy of either (or both) of Pat Bettendorf’s books, Ruby’s Tale, or Ruby’s Road, email him at: rubystales@aol.com