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Products for Front Wrist

  • Walkin' Front SplintWalkin' Front Splint
    • Rigid support for lower, front leg injury
    • Keeps front leg in normal walking position
    • Front splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Walkin' Lift Combo Harness FrontWalkin' Lift Combo Harness Front in Wheelchair
    • Front Lifting support for dogs over 30 lbs
    • Compatible with Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs
    • Assists in/out of car, up/down stairs
    • Can be worn for extended periods of time
  • Walkin' All Weather BootsWalkin’ All-Weather Boots
    • Rubber sole for non-slip tread
    • Protection on rough terrain
    • Keeps paw clean and dry
    • Sold individually or as a set of 4
  • Walkin' Pet BootsWalkin' Pet Boots
    • Lightweight, protective boots
    • Ideal for sensitive feet
    • Provides stabilization on slippery floors
    • Sold individually or as a set of 4
  • Full Feature Dog BootsFull Feature Dog Boots
    • Water resistant, nylon
    • Provides protection from most conditions
    • Rubber sole for slip resistance
    • Sold as a set of 4
  • Carpal IcerCarpal Icer
    • For lower front leg
    • Can be used to ice or warm
    • Ideal for sore muscles & joints
    • Available in 4 Sizes