Products for carpal joint

  • Walkin’ Carpal SplintWalkin’ Carpal Splint
    • Stiff support for front leg injuries
    • Ideal for weakness in wrist (carpal)
    • Keeps paw free for natural walking experience
  • Walkin’ Wrist HuggerWalkin’ Wrist Hugger
    • Complete support of Carpal Joint of Front Leg
    • Fits natural angle of carpal joint
    • Touch fasteners provide support above & below carpal
    • Helps prevent hyperextension
  • Bella in Front ComboBella in Front Combo Harness
    • Front Lifting support for dogs over 30 lbs
    • Compatible with Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs
    • Assists in/out of car, up/down stairs
    • Can be worn for extended periods of time