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Safe in Austin – 6 Deserving Animals Gifted New Wheelchairs

Safe in Austin pig in walkin' wheels

LEANDER, TX (April 5, 2022) – An animal sanctuary in Leander, Texas, called Safe in Austin, is home to over 200 special needs animals and invites children with shared backgrounds of special needs or trauma to help them heal alongside one another. Six of these remarkable animals were in dire need of wheelchairs, including a pig, a goat, three dogs, and a puppy. Waddles the pig became paralyzed after a dog attack, Tulip the goat suffered a spinal injury as a baby, Hashtag (dog) became paralyzed after a routine rabies shot, Halo (dog) was born with front limb deformities and a non-working rear leg, Francis (dog) suffered a spinal injury after being hit by a car in Mexico, and Peaches, a puppy who suffers from Swimmer’s Syndrome and hip dysplasia.

Walkin’ Pets, an NH-based pet mobility company, caught wind of their incredible story and offered to fly down to the Texas sanctuary to donate all six Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs to the animals in need. Not only did the Walkin’ Pets team hand-deliver the wheelchairs, but they also spent time with each of these animals to fit their new carts and help them adjust to a life on wheels.

Once the animals were set up in their Walkin’ Wheels, there was no stopping them! “It’s such a gift to watch the animals go from being stuck in their space to being put in their wheels and watching that freedom come alive. We are so grateful for Walkin’ Pets,” says Jamie, the Founder of Safe in Austin. The animals can now roam the grounds freely, independently, and happily. And in Peaches case, her new wheelchair also allows her to find her forever family when the time is right.

Bulldog Puppy’s First Time in New Wheelchair

Now that they are all set up in their wheelchairs, the sanctuary hopes to invite children in wheelchairs so that they can heal alongside, connect, and find comfort with each another.

Walkin’ Pets Visits Safe in Austin

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Marketing & Public Relations
(888) 253-0777

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