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Pet Travel Hammock
Pet Travel Hammock: Durable cover to keep your vehicle seats clean and your pet comfortable.

Pet Travel Hammock



The Pet Travel Hammock keeps vehicle seats clean by protecting them with a durable, waterproof cover. Your pets can enjoy a ride and you can be worry-free!

  • Made of durable, waterproof, machine-washable fabric.
  • touch-fastener closures at each side attach around shoulder straps to hold it in place, and snap hooks attach to headrests with 21” straps.
  • touch-fastener closure slits for seat belt buckles are securely finished with 200 denier nylon binding.
  • Back seat cover has two large, snap-shut pouches for organizing travel gear, and a small pouch for pickup bags; includes free water bottle.
  • Allows use of pet safety belts.
  • Comes in standard and deluxe: Deluxe features polar fleece on underside for added comfort, durability and protection for cars with leather interior.
  • 58W” x 57H”

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