Omid The Miracle Dog

This rescue dog traveled many miles to his current life in the Washington, D.C. metro area. As a stray who had been living his entire life on the streets of Iran, Omid’s story was not likely to have a happy ending. Then tragedy struck and Omid found himself paralyzed and at the further mercy of strangers. It had been difficult enough for this stray Shepherd mix to find enough food and shelter to survive on his own. Now, injured and unable to walk, his life was about to take a miraculous turn for the better.

Omid’s amazing story of survival is one of 13 inspiring tales of hope against all odds that is told in the book Miracle Dogs – Adventures on Wheels written by Sandy Johnson. Cover dog Omid hopes that you will enjoy and share all of the stories featured in the book. Omid, which means “Hope,” will surely inspire you!

Omid in Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair  Omid Rescue Dog from Iran