Niko the German Shepherd
After deciding our 12 year old German Shepherd with Degenerative Myelopathy needed assistance for walks, we researched available dog wheelchairs. All of the products we found on the market were custom made for the dog in need and required complex measurements to order. They also looked extremely complicated to put our dog into and near impossible to transport. We then found the website and were intrigued. At first, we were skeptical as they only required a few measurements for the and the product looked “too good to be true”.

We researched their product in terms of the engineering and customer feedback on their site and on other forums, and decided to give it a try. The biggest selling point for us is that it is NOT custom and is easily adjustable. This is important as we often rescue German Shepherds towards the end of their lives when difficulties arise. So we thought, at the very least, this product could be used again and again on future dogs in need. This product works better than advertised. We were a little intimidated unpacking all of the parts but they exist for a reason: adjustability. As the parts easily went together, it became very clear. Once assembled, getting our dog in and out of the chair was a snap (literally seconds). On top of that, it easily folds for transport. Now the important part: it works.

Due to his condition, our shepherd was reduced to only walking a few hundred feet (and he LIVES for his morning walk). On the first trial run, he was almost back to his starting distance of when we first took him in. As he built up strength and coordination, he even lengthened his walks. Now, his DM is getting worse and we have had to raise the chair to lessen the pressure on his back legs; no other product would have allowed us to do that. Ultimately, his feet will go into stirrups but he still will get his walks.

Again, no other product will allow for this type of progressive adjustments. All in all, we are incredibly satisfied with our purchase and, more importantly, so is our shepherd.