Crosby With New Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Crosby slipped a disc in his back in February 2014, but giving up on him was never an option according to his owner Rhonda.  She and her family were fortunate to receive Crosby’s Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair second hand from a woman whose paralyzed dog had passed away.

The high reuse value of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is one of the leading reasons why it is the leading brand of dog wheelchair available on the market today.  In addition, offers many complementary products such as boots, splints, harnesses and incontinence products to assist pets with special needs.

Crosby’s feet are protected with the Walkin’ Pet Boots that prevent injuries from scraping and dragging while simultaneously allowing dogs with some rear leg mobility the opportunity to continue exercising their rear legs.  Click here to learn more about why the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is the leading brand of dog wheelchair.

Crosby is Happy to have a Second Chance