Casper the Friendly Great Dane Gets Rolling

Casper, a very friendly Great Dane, is one of the largest pets to use our Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to support his declining mobility.  Casper’s 180 pounds needed a little extra support in the rear, so his family crafted a rear support brace that provided additional reinforcement for his Walkin’ Wheels.  Typically, the existence of such rear support bars on the lower back end of a dog wheelchair can interfere with the dog’s rehabilitative efforts because it does not allow him or her to move the rear legs and use it as an assistive device.  However, in Casper’s case, since his rear legs are completely immobile and safely suspended in the rear stirrups, the addition of this bar provided more support without interfering with his use of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

Casper’s family recently reported that, “We are grateful just to have made the wheelchair work and that it has helped extend Casper’s life. Without it, we would have had to put him down months ago.”

Our sincere thanks to the Garcia family for sharing their feedback and photos of Casper with us.