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pet healer project book

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pet healer project book

The Pet Healers Project: Stories of the healing bond between humans and animals is a groundbreaking book that profiles internationally known animal healers. Sponsored by Walkin’ Pets, this book explores various modes of healing, from energy healing (Reiki) to subtle manipulations (Feldenkrais). All of the healers are motivated by a deeply held belief that life is precious, our pets are family, and that healing is always possible.

  • Paperback, 177 pages.
  • Profiles of 14 healers practicing alternative modes of healing.
  • Each profiled healer fights for the lives of animals out of a sense of love and compassion, inspiring a profound sense of humanity.
  • Written by Sandy Johnson, author of 7 books, including the Miracle Dogs Book.

Ippy Silver Medal

“The Pet Healer Project brings us deep inside the minds, spirits, and practices of the pet healers that exemplify the power of this connection.” – Mark Robinson, president of Walkin’ Pets and inventor of the Walkin’ Wheels

Book INTRODUCTION plus more about the book in this blog post

The Pet Healer Project is the winner of an IPPY Award silver medal in the Animals/Pets category.

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