Pet Suspenders for Disposable Diapers


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Pet Suspenders for Disposable Diapers

Product Details


Pet Suspenders help keep disposable diapers in place for dogs who are incontinent, leaky, or have occasional accidents.

  • Touch-fastener closures and a buckle allow adjustability, as well as a firm hold on the diaper.
  • Dog’s movement will not be restricted by Suspenders.
  • Your pet will be more comfortable without the Suspenders when not wearing a diaper.
  • Peepers disposable diapers work well with the Suspenders.

How to Choose the Right Size

Suspender Size (A) Chest Size (B) Shoulder
to base of tail
Small 10 – 17″ 7 – 12″ $17.95
Medium 15 – 24″ 12 – 16″ $17.95
Large 19 – 32″ 16 – 20″ $17.95

Use a cloth sewing tape measure to determine your dog’s chest circumference and length.
Sizing for Pet Suspenders for Diapers

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