Meet Rocky, Our Cover Dog!

AMHERST, NH (September 22, 2020) – The results are in for the 2021 Walkin’ Pets global calendar contest: 13 winners from around the world have been selected by popular vote on the Walkin’ Pets website and Facebook page. The 6th annual contest features pets using their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, raising pet mobility awareness, and celebrating the incredible strength and spirit of handicapable animals.

This year’s contest featured the largest number of submissions in the competition’s history. featuring entries from 27 different countries around the world! Dogs aren’t the only special needs animals entered this year, contestants included goats, sheep, ducks and even a chicken getting in on the action! Highlighting importance of pet mobility for all whether furred or feathered! Walkin’ Pets believes that each and every animal who entered deserves to be celebrated and all of the incredible animals will be featured in this year’s calendar.

2021 marks the second year that Walkin’ Pets has selected a Walkin’ Pets Hero of the Year and Rescue of the Year. Jamie Wallace Griner of the Safe in Austin Rescue has been named the Walkin’ Pets hero for her dedication and incredible compassion for animals and children. Rescue of the Year, Miracle’s Mission focuses on saving the hardest to adopt, believing that “adopting a special need pet will change your life, your world, your outlook, your priorities and all for the better”.

All proceeds from the 2021 Walkin’ Pets Calendar will be donated to the Handicapped Pets Foundation to help disabled and injured pets in need to get wheelchairs. The 2021 Walkin’ Pets Calendar is $12.95 and is available for pre-order online.

Walkin’ Pets Hero of the Year

Walkin’ Pets is proud to name Jamie Wallace Griner, founder of the Safe in Austin Rescue as the 2nd annual Walkin’ Pets Hero. Safe in Austin rescues animals suffering from severe abuse or neglect, rehabilitating them, and providing a safe and loving home. Once healthy, animals interact with children from similar backgrounds of abuse, neglect, or special needs. Allowing children to connect with these special animals, helping them to learn that our differences are what makes us special.

Rescue of the Year: Miracle’s Mission

Miracle’s Mission is a no-profit animal welfare organization based out of the UK. They work with the hardest to adopt dogs, taking in and rehabilitating sick, injured and disabled animals worldwide to help them find their forever home.

Meet Cover Dog: Rocky

Rescued by the Madison Oglethrope Animal Shelter after being hit by a car and surrendered by his owners, Rocky got his new wheels and a second chance! One week later, Rocky was a foster fail and found his forever home. Three-year-old Rocky is getting stronger and his mobility is improving every day!

See all of the 2020 Calendar Contest Winners in the Video Below:

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