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AMHERST, NH (September 17, 2019) – The results are in for the 2020 Walkin’ Pets global calendar contest: 13 winners from around the world have been selected by popular vote on the Walkin’ Pets Facebook page. The 5th annual contest features pets using their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, raising pet mobility awareness and celebrating the amazing spirits of these animals.

This year’s contest featured the largest number of submissions in the competition’s history. featuring entries from 27 different countries and 35 U.S. states! Submissions went far beyond dogs this year, with goats, cats, a duck and even a chicken getting in on the action! Highlighting importance of pet mobility for all whether furred or feathered!

2020 marks the first year that Walkin’ Pets has selected a Walkin’ Pets Hero of the Year and Rescue of the Year. Tracey Fowler from Rutland, VT has been named the Walkin’ Pets hero for her dedication and advocacy for handicapped pets. The Man that Rescues Dogs rescue run by Michael Baines of Thailand was chosen due to his incredible compassion and care of the over 200 Thai street dogs he cares for, including 19 wheelchair dogs.

All proceeds from the 2020 Walkin’ Pets Calendar will be donated to the Handicapped Pets Foundation to help disabled and injured pets in need to get wheelchairs. The 2020 Walkin’ Pets Calendar is $12.95 and may be pre-ordered by calling: (888) 253-0777 for an expected delivery date of mid-November.

Introducing our 2020 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest Winners

Tracey Fowler

Meet Cover Dog: Boone

Rescue dog Boone may have lost his rear legs to abuse, but now he has an amazing life. Traveling everywhere from his home in PA, to NYC and all the White House, Boone is a proud ambassador for Joey’s P.A.W. non-profit. Along with his ambassador duties, Boone is a therapy dog and canine good citizen who loves bow ties and hikes in the woods.

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Featured Boone

Walkin’ Pets Hero of the Year

Walkin’ Pets is proud to name Tracey Fowler as the first annual Walkin’ Pets Hero. Tracey has dedicated her life to advocating and caring for animals with special needs. Tracey has personally adopted 12 wheelchair dogs (not to mention her 3 healthy German Shepherds) into the Fowler Herd.

Tracey is a beacon of light for the entire handicapped pet community, as she offers her support and guidance to other pet parents as they help their best friend adjust to life on wheels.

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Rescue of the Year: The Man that Rescues Dogs

Michael Baines founded The Man that Rescues Dogs in 2011 to help street dogs who had no one else to rely on. Initially beginning with a small number of dogs, the numbers soon grew, and the shelter now cares for over 200 dogs. Along with providing care at the shelter, they daily feed over 80 stray street dogs, rescuing sick and injured animals, and provide medical care whenever they can. Michael currently takes care of 19 handicapped dogs who rely on their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs to explore the Thai rescue.

To learn more about Michael Baines, his dogs and The Man that Rescues Dog, please visit

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