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What Makes the SureFit® Calculator the Best Choice?

SureFit® Guarantee: we guarantee the perfect size, or we’ll pay your return shipping costs if an exchange is needed. That way there’s no doubt your pet will get the perfect fit.

We highly recommend using our SureFit® Calculator as it ensures the perfect custom fit for your pet. It requires a couple measurements, but only so we can provide your pet with the very best experience.

We recognize this takes a few minutes of your time, but those minutes are worth the happiness your pet will experience once they try out their wheelchair for the first time. Our wheelchairs have already helped more than 81,000 other pets. Let’s make that 81,001!

Other companies simply have you select a wheelchair based on weight, but that often results in a poor fit. Why? A 30 lb bulldog has a very different body type from a 30 lb corgi, but those companies will provide both with the same wheelchair.

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Custom Orthotics Terms & Agreement

Walkin’ Pets will begin working on the custom brace once the mold, payment, and paperwork are received.

  • These braces will take 7-10 business days to fabricate, including the Knee Brace, Elbow Brace, Carpal Brace, and Hock Brace.
  • Please note the following day the cast is received is day one as we receive many deliveries at the end of the day. Pictures & videos may be required to assess the proper design of the brace (the time frame is subject to change according to fabrication capacity and ordering of supplies.)


The device received is warranted to be made to your pet’s individual measurements, properly aligned and fit, corresponding to your pet’s anatomical condition at the time of measurement. Patient evaluation, consultation, design, fitting, and two follow-up adjustments are provided for 30 days at no additional cost to you unless there is a change in your pet’s physical condition. Pet parent is responsible for all return shipping costs to ship brace to CPO for modifications.

After 30 days, you are responsible for any charges for adjustments or modifications made to your pet’s device. Such services may be necessary for reasons such as changes in your pet’s physical condition, functional capabilities, or wear and tear/damage to your pet’s device. Charges of this nature vary depending on material costs and time for services rendered. Contact Pet Ortho Braces LLC directly to schedule any brace maintenance or adjustment.

It is the pet parent’s responsibility to see their veterinarian if special medical management or further care pertaining to wearing of this device is necessary. The pet parent must inform their veterinarian and Walkin’ Pets if there is any change to a pet’s overall health that may affect the wearing of the brace.

Events that will void warranty:

  • Non-compliance with the instructions for initial break-in period; care and use; or daily wearing that were delivered with the device and are posted on the Walkin’ Pets website.
  • Repairs, modifications, alterations, or adjustments made to the device by someone other than a Walkin’ Pets representative.
  • An unexpected significant change in the pet’s size, weight, physical condition, or functional capabilities.
  • Damage due to accident, neglect, or misuse is not covered by this warranty.

US Shipping

For clients within the USA, standard shipping is free – the client is responsible for any additional shipping charges if selecting an expedited shipping option.

International Shipping

For all clients outside the USA, the client is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Walkin’ Pets and any associated interaction, sales tax, and duties. This includes shipping of casting kit, shipping of completed cast, and the completed brace.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited brace fabrication is available for an additional fee, the final cost will be calculated based on fabrication ability, and shipping costs to the final destination for each fabrication stage (including casting kit, return of cast to the fabricator, and finished brace).  Rush Service Fee will be collected before casting kit shipping out. Fabrication on the brace can only begin once the cast has been received and approved by the Orthotist, Walkin’ Pets is not responsible for a client’s late return of a completed cast. The Orthotist will confirm the production timeframe according to the fabrication capacity.

Custom Braces Adjustments & Defects

The customer is responsible for notifying Walkin’ Pets immediately of any adjustments needed. Directly contact Walkin’ Pets Orthotist at 888-253-0777. This includes wear spots, skin breakdown, brace defects, and improper fitting. A brace defect is defined as pre-mature breakage of the plastic superstructure, mechanical joints, plastic loop holders, and rivets. Walkin’ Pets will not be responsible for soft goods of wear and tear of straps, Velcro, pads, foam, and tread.

Needed adjustments or repairs within the warranty period will be completed at no charge. An adjustment is defined as grinding of shell, foam trimming, adding glide, and heat flare. The warranty for a custom brace, including rush orders, consists of:

  1. A maximum of 4 modifications within two months from receipt of brace and materials.
  2. Customer is responsible for shipping the brace back to Walkin’ Pets if adjustments are needed.
  3. Customer agrees that after the two-month warranty period on the braces, there will be a charge for any adjustments, refurbishments to any part of the brace, or a remake on a brace.
  4. Customer understands that Walkin’ Pets will be asking for pictures and videos to help assess the fit and function. DO NOT MAIL BRACE without contacting Walkin’ Pets to confirm all information/pictures are sufficient.

There will be a charge for adjustments or repairs made as a result of abuse or undue rough wear, as well as normal, everyday wear of foam liners, pads, straps, tread, and any additional adjustments.

There will be a charge for any modifications/adjustments made due to weight loss/gain or physical-anatomical change.

Custom Brace Return Policy

Each brace is uniquely fabricated to fit one patient only, the process greatly increases your chances of success. Since the brace is custom-fabricated, it cannot be returned to Walkin’ Pets or our agents. All custom brace sales are final, and no refunds, returns, or exchanges will be made. In the unfortunate event of patient death during the fabrication process, the customer is responsible for a portion of the cost which we will determine based on the materials used thus far, handling, and labor costs.

Walkin’ Pets will not grant a refund if the pet refuses to wear the device or the purchaser simply does not want to use the device.


The Walkin’ Pets Orthotist will inform the client if they feel the cast mold is insufficient and needs to be redone. The CPO will reject poorly made casts to avoid the fabrication of braces that will not fit or function properly. For best results, always have a veterinarian or trained pet professional aid in the casting of your pet. A poorly made cast would include one that’s too short, too loosely wrapped, too thick, or bony prominences are indistinguishable. Every Walkin’ Pets Brace purchase includes a free casting consultation ($175 value), schedule your casting consultation at 888-253-0777.

If a second cast is required, the client is responsible for the cost of all additional casting materials and shipping. If the client chooses to proceed with the original mold, Walkin’ Pets will not be liable for additional adjustments. No refunds will be given if the device does not fit properly due to an inadequate mold supplied to Walkin’ Pets.

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