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Small, Medium, Med/Lg, Large, & Corgi Walkin’ Wheels Rear & Quad Wheelchairs – 50$ OFF

2021 Walkin’ Pets Calendar – Walkin’ Scooter – Ski Attachment – All Walkin’ Splints – Walkin’ Traction Socks – All Weather Boots & Liners – Walkin’ Pet Boots – Beezley’s Butter – Up-n-Go Rear Support Leashes- 30% OFF

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*Quad Wheelchair Not Included
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  • Beezleys ButterBeezleys Butter
    • Conditions & softens dog paws
    • Hydrate dry noses & paw pads
    • Made of all-natural ingredients
    • 2.5 oz container
  • 2021 Calendar - October
    • Features 13 Calendar Contest winners
    • Sturdy 11 x 11 Wall Calendar
    • Supports Handicapped Pets Foundation
    • Features hundreds of dogs!
  • Walkin' Pet GateDon’t Let the Dogs Out! Pet Gate
    • Easy to install, easy to use
    • Allows you to open the door & keep your pet safe
    • Sturdy and secure
    • Available in two widths: 51” or 70”
  • Walkin' Hock SplintWalkin' Hock Splint
    • Stiff support for lower, rear leg
    • Ideal for hyper extension and joint tendon issues
    • Keeps paw free for natural walking experience
  • Walkin’ Rear SplintWalkin’ Rear Splint
    • Stiff support for lower, rear leg injuries
    • Keeps rear leg in normal walking position
    • Rear splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Walkin' Front SplintWalkin' Front Splint
    • Rigid support for lower, front leg injury
    • Keeps front leg in normal walking position
    • Front splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Scooter MistiScooter Misti Run
    • Indoor mobility solution
    • Glide around corners & doorways
    • Easily maneuver in any direction
    • Moves easily on multiple flooring types
  • Walkin' Ski AttachmentWalkin' Ski Attachment
    • Easily swap your dog’s wheels for skis
    • Glides through snow, perfect for winter hikes
    • Adjusts for the perfect fit for you dog
    • Available for every size Walkin’ Wheels
  • Disposable Pet DiaperDisposable Pet Diaper
    • Great for incontinence
    • Features elastic, no leak and resealable tape
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • For dogs up to 45 lbs
  • Walkin’ All-Weather Boot LinerWalkin’ All-Weather Boot Liner
    • Designed to fit perfectly in All Weather Boots
    • Fleece insert for added warmth
    • Will not slip or bunch
    • Sold individually or as a set of 4