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Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs – $40 OFF

Walkin’ Adjustable Splint • All Walkin’ Splints •
Walkin’ vertebraVe • Walkin’ Hip-EEZ & Attachments •
Front & Rear No-Knuckling Training Socks •
Walkin’ Scooter • Walkin’ Support Sling – 25% OFF

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*Quad Wheelchair Not Included
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  • Danette in Walkin' Cat WheelchairMini Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

    Walkin’ Wheels CAT Wheelchair

    , , , , , ,
    $300.00 $260.00
    2-25 lbs. (.9-11 kg)
  • Granite Heart in WheelchairHope the Duck with owner Amiee in Wheelchair

    Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair for Feathered Friends

    , , , , , ,
    These custom-built carts have been used to help ducks, chickens, and even a goose to get the exercise they need.
  • Otis in Walkin' Hock SplintWalkin' Hock Splint
    • Stiff support for lower, rear leg
    • Ideal for hyper extension and joint tendon issues
    • Keeps paw free for natural walking experience
  • Walkin' Rear SplintWalkin' Rear Splint
    • Stiff support for lower, rear leg injuries
    • Keeps rear leg in normal walking position
    • Rear splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Walkin' Front SplintWalkin' Front Splint
    • Rigid support for lower, front leg injury
    • Keeps front leg in normal walking position
    • Front splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Scooter MistiScooter Misti Run
    • Indoor mobility solution
    • Glide around corners & doorways
    • Easily maneuver in any direction
    • Moves easily on multiple flooring types
  • Walkin' vertebraVe LouieWalkin' vertebraVe Odie
    • Designed to stabilize the spine & alleviate pressure
    • Stabilize back from above and below
    • Patented two-tier spinal support
    • Helps regain mobility
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Support System RozeWalkin' Hip-EEZ Amputee System Maizy
    • Support your pet's hip joint through use of compression & support.
    • First ever pet hip support to provide support to hind leg amputees
    • Interchangeable attachments to support multiple hip conditions
    • Supports pets with Hip Dysplasia & Arthritis
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Cross Assist AttachmentWalkin' Hip-EEZ Cross Assist Attachment
    • Prevent pet's from crossing their hind legs as they recover.
    • Sit high between hind legs  to keep rear legs apart.
    • Attaches directly to Hip-EEZ System
    • Available in four sizes
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Donut AttachmentDonut On Dog
    • For treatment and/or prevention of pressure sores. 
    • Alleviate pressure on hip joint when a pet is laying down.  
    • Attaches to inside of Hip-EEZ Systems
    • Made of medical grade memory foam
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Bridge AttachmentWalkin' Hip-EEZ Bridge Attachment
    • Aide in the treatment of mild to moderate Hip Sub-Luxation injuries.
    • Keep joint in place when a pet is standing or moving.
    • Attaches to inside of Hip-EEZ Systems
    • Made of medical grade memory foam
  • Smudge in Walkin' Rear Support LeashRear Support Leash for Dogs

    Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash

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    $24.95 $19.96
    • Easy to slip on
    • Provides rear end support
    • Ideal for quick bathroom breaks
    • Fits dogs 20lbs and up