No More Dragging for Bobo

Bolo is now 5-years- old and had his back surgery on his actual fifth birthday, which was Nov. 4, 2015. It’s been 7 months since his surgery, and he has not been able to walk or urinate on his own. With the help of Walkin’ Wheels, he is able to roam around and play without having to drag himself or get cuts/abrasions from dragging.

Bolo loves to run out in the woods, chase things, and play with his siblings. He has been showing a lot of improvement recently, and I strongly believe it is from the help of Walkin’ Wheels, since it is adjustable and so easy for him to move around. He didn’t lose all his leg muscles because he puts pressure on them while he is on the wheels. I want to thank you guys for making our lives easier and for making this lil guy happy as can be.


You can find more photos of Bolo @bolo_is_rollin on Instagram.