samoyed walkin wheels review

Bernie came to us from the streets of Shanghai, China. My husband and I initially found out about him through social media: a sweet Samoyed with an unknown spinal injury. We wanted to help. Because of the medical advances in the U.S., we knew that he could have a chance at walking again. We made the commitment to take Bernie in and ordered a Walkin’ Wheels cart. We have now had him for seven months, and he is the happiest dog! He brings so much joy to our Boston neighborhood and is somewhat of a celebrity on Newbury Street. Bernie truly is handicapable and does not know any limits — he walks up and down four flights of stairs (with assistance) daily, and once outside, just GOES. Although we would love for him to be able to walk on his own someday, he is not held back by his condition. We are so grateful for his wheels, and for giving him the opportunity to live the same full life as any other pup.

Miranda Gibson @tails_of_turk