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No-Cone Collar


A No-Cone Collar for wound protection

Product Details

See how the No-Cone Collar works!


Note: Does not protect eyes or ears.

The No-Cone Collar protects dogs or cats from licking, chewing, or biting a wound or catheter.

  • Protects the back, rump, base of tail, flanks, chest, abdomen and genitals.
  • Stops small and medium dogs from licking their feet (Dobermans and German Shepherds are difficult to stop).
  • Protects urinary, femoral, and jugular catheters.
  • Wraps snugly around animal’s neck; should be wide enough to extend from behind ear to top of shoulder.
  • Made of flexible plastic; secured by touch-fastener closures and an elastic wraparound strap.
  • Patented harness strap wraps around animal’s chest to prevent animal from flipping collar over its head; these collars really stay on!
  • Peripheral vision is unimpeded; pets are calmer and happier with this E-collar alternative.
  • Custom sewn, machine washable.

Got Questions?

How to choose the right size

Watch this video for how to measure and use the No-Bite/No Cone Dog and Cat Collar:

Available in seven sizes for dogs, two sizes for cats. When choosing size, the collar must stretch from behind the animal’s ear to the top of its shoulder for maximum protection.

Please measure carefully!

Size # Width Length Weight of Dog
3 1/2 3.5″ 16″ under 10 lbs.
4 4″ 18″ 10 – 17 lbs.
5 5″ 21″ 18 – 30 lbs.
5L 5″ 24″ 31 – 45 lbs.
6 6″ 27 46 – 70 lbs.
7 7″ 28″ 71 – 100 lbs.
8 8″ 32″ 101 – 140 lbs.
CatSM 2.5″ 14″ cat under 10 lbs
CatLG 3″ 15″ cat over 10 lbs.

Product Reviews

No-Cone Collar No-Cone Collar

I lost my left hind leg, and boy, did it hurt! I was taken to the hospital, and they gave me pain medicine and did surgery. When I got to come home, I had to wear this big plastic hat around my head. I ran into walls, got caught between things, and really had a rough time getting around.Then I got this fantastic new collar from Handicapped Pets. I can see where I am going, I don’t get caught between things, and most important of all, I still can’t reach my stitches to lick or chew on them.

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