Small Wheelchair Skis

AMHERST, NH (November 15, 2019) – Walkin’ Pets is devoted to keeping senior and handicapped pets always on the move! With the new Ski attachment for the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, now nothing can stop these disabled pups from enjoying life, not even snow!

Handicapable pups around the world can stay active and on the go all winter long! Walkin’ Pets is proud to announce the launch of the brand-new Ski Attachment for Small and Mini Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs. Now even the tiniest dogs have the opportunity to romp and play in the snow! Now dogs as small as 2 lbs. and as big as 180 lbs. can glide through the snow in the skis and enjoy the outdoors with their family all winter!

Ready to go play in the snow? Easily remove your dog’s wheels and snap in a pair of skis and your dog is ready to go!

Ski prices range from: $79 – $99

For more information, please contact:
Marketing & Public Relations
(888) 253-0777