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Amherst, NH (February 28, 2019)Walkin’ Pets by announces its latest addition to their Walkin’ Wheels line of pet wheelchairs: a Mini Dachshund Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. This dog wheelchair is specifically designed to fit the needs of Miniature Dachshunds with their characteristically long bodies and short legs.

A dog wheelchair is often needed by Doxie pet owners, due to the Dachshund dog breed being more prone to back problems which can impair their mobility. Fortunately, Dachshunds can continue to live healthy, active lives with the help of a mobility assistance device. The new Mini Doxie Walkin’ Wheels pet wheelchair has the same great features as our larger Walkin’ wheels, it is adjustable in height, length, and width, but specifically designed to accommodate the needs of Dachshunds. Stirrups hold rear legs off the ground if the Dachshund is paralyzed. The removeable harness and leg rings are washable and adjustable to give pets maximum comfort. And the wheelchair is easily converted into a full support/quad wheelchair with our Mini Front Wheel Attachment for dachshunds needing support in both the front and rear legs.

For more information and videos of the Walkin’ Wheels Mini Dachshund Wheelchair in action, visit here.

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