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AMHERST, NH (July 5, 2018)Walkin’ Pets by, an online pet product company dedicated to improving the lives of injured, disabled, and aging pets, has launched three new products for dogs: Walkin’ All-Weather Boots, Walkin’ Hock Hugger, and Walkin’ Wrist Hugger.

The Walkin’ Hock Hugger provides maximum support above and below the hock joint on a dog’s back legs to stabilize injuries. It fits the natural angle of the hock, “hugging” the leg to help prevent hyperextension or provide support for arthritic joints. Similarly, the Walkin’ Wrist Hugger provides maximum support above and below the carpal joint on canine front legs, providing support for injured or arthritic joints. Both products fit dogs from 10 to 100 pounds and come in four sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium, and Large. Walkin’ Hock Hugger: $27.95, Walkin’ Wrist Hugger: $21.95.

Walkin’ All -Weather Boots offer heavy-duty protection for canine paws year-round. The water-resistant boots keep paws clean and dry but are also tough enough to protect dogs’ paws from extreme temperatures and rough surfaces. Additionally, the boots can be used as a protective barrier to assist with wound care. The All-Weather Boots consist of a breathable shell with non-skid rubber soles and come in sets of four in sizes XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. Price range: $12 to $72/set.


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