Mini FWA Press Release

AMHERST, NH (September 11, 2018) – Walkin’ Pets by has just launched a new product: the adjustable Mini Front Wheel Attachment. This piece of canine equipment converts a Mini Rear Walkin’ Wheels pet wheelchair into a Full Support/4-Wheel cart for pets who need support for their front legs as well as their rear. The Mini wheelchair is suited for pets weighing from two to ten pounds and can be used by dogs, cats, rabbits, or other very small animals.

The adjustable Mini Front Wheel Attachment comes in three mini sizes, as does the Mini Rear Walkin’ Wheels, to further accommodate differences in height and weight of the smallest pets. Walkin’ Pets has long been the leader in serving the needs of mobility impaired dogs with its adjustable, off-the-shelf wheelchairs. The launch of the Mini Front Wheel Attachment expands its suite of wheelchairs to now serve pets with rear and front leg weakness who weigh from 2 to 180 pounds.

The Mini Front Wheel Attachment retails for $129.00 and typically ships on the day of order, with overnight and international shipping available. More information can be found at this webpage.

For more information, please contact:
Marketing & Public Relations Director
(888) 253-0777