Maggie in Walkin' Lift Combo Harness

AMHERST, NH (June 1, 2016) – has just released a new product, the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness, Just Clip & Go, designed to give optimal lifting support for owners of aging, disabled, or injured dogs. Many pet owners are faced with the backbreaking job of helping their dogs up or down stairs, in and out of vehicles, and with their daily routines, due to mobility loss associated with aging, injury, or disease. The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness supports positive pet aging by addressing those needs. The harness can also be easily clipped into the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair if additional support is needed, providing a continuum of care.

Mark Robinson, owner and founder of, says, “Having spent years in the dog wheelchair business, I wanted a product that would give dogs balanced, full body support without creating hotspots or pressure points.” The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness was designed to give just the right balance of support for the dog’s chest, keeping pressure off its shoulders, collar, and underarms. “This product was really invented by the dog wheelchair community,” adds Robinson, “because it’s a collection of ideas and input from thousands of caregivers around the world. We listened, and the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness is the result – a product that’s very comfortable for dogs and works equally well for pet owners.”

If extra support is necessary, the compatibility feature with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair makes the transition to a wheelchair easier for a dog, since it is already used to being helped with the harness. Strategically designed adjustable harness handles help protect the pet caretaker’s own back from undue stress.

The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness may be purchased for the rear or front end of the dog, or as a combo. For a video of Robinson demonstrating the harness, and for pricing and sizing information, visit this link: Walkin Lift Combo Harness.

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