New Corgi Cart

AMHERST, NH (April 2, 2018) – Walkin’ Pets by, an online pet product company, has just come out with a new addition to their Walkin’ Wheels line of pet wheelchairs: a CORGI Walkin’ Wheels. This dog wheelchair is specifically designed to fit Corgi dog breeds, known for their long bodies and short legs.

A dog wheelchair is often needed by Corgi pet owners, because the Corgi dog breeds are more prone to back problems which can impair their mobility. Fortunately, Corgis can continue to live healthy, active lives with the help of a mobility assistance device. The fully adjustable CORGI Walkin’ Wheels help mobility-challenged Corgis stay mobile, allowing them to maintain a sense of independence and freedom and keep their muscles strengthened, thus reducing muscle atrophy.

Pet owners need only take two measurements to get the correctly sized CORGI Walkin’ Wheels for Corgis weighing from 20 to 55 pounds. The adjustable wheelchairs are ready-made, can be shipped upon ordering, and are available in Rear or Full Support/4-Wheel, depending on whether the dog is weak in just the hind legs or front legs as well.

More information about the CORGI Walkin’ Wheels may be found here:

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