Tina Roe Prince Wheelchair

AMHERST, NH (April 10, 2018) – When Tina Roe was carjacked in St. Louis on February 27, 2018, she not only lost her car, but her dog’s wheelchair as well, which was in the back of the car. Tina was putting up flyers for a “found” dog in her volunteer role with Missouri Lost & Found Paws when the carjacking occurred. Her nine rescue dogs (and a couple of foster dogs) were waiting for her at home.

The Walkin’ Pets Care Squad found out about the stolen dog wheelchair and donated a new one for Tina’s dog Prince. He is now happily rolling along again, and Tina is busy helping lost pets, per usual. She wasn’t going to let a carjacking slow her down; she was back doing her volunteer work the very next day.

Read more about Tina and her canine family, and see a video of Prince in his new wheels at this blog post: https://www.handicappedpets.com/blog/ordinary-day-for-pet-rescuer/.

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