Neoprene Front Harness
AMHERST, NH (May 26, 2016) – has come out with a new product, the Walkin’ Wheels Neoprene Front Harness, to help dogs who need a little extra support for their front end. A dog can step easily into pre-cut holes, and the harness is then buckled over the dog’s back. Adjustable handles are included and may be clipped on when the owner needs to provide lifting support for the dog’s front end.The Neoprene Front Harness is also compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels quad wheelchair and can be used for extra support and comfort. Four harness clips attach to pegs on the outside of the Walkin’ Wheels frame. The bounce in the neoprene fabric allow the harness to conform to the dog’s body for optimal comfort.

The Walkin’ Wheels Neoprene Front Harness comes in sizes XSmall, Small, Medium, and Med/Large, and is ideal for dogs under 50 pounds. Order information may be found online at: Walkin Wheels Front Neoprene Harness.

For more information, please contact:
Marketing & Public Relations Director
(888) 253-0777