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AMHERST, NH (March 1, 2019) – Rebecca Hurst of Pennsylvania, was amazed when she opened a text from her friend, “I think I found your duck!”. Attached was a link to the viral story of rescue duck Merlin, rescued by the Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey. Merlin, suffered from a leg deformity and struggled with his mobility until Walkin’ Pets by built Merlin a custom Walkin’ Wheels Duck Wheelchair.

Rebecca rescued Merlin from a family in Pennsylvania who found him in their back yard. Rebecca brought Merlin into her apartment and cared for him for two months. Knowing that Merlin couldn’t stay in her apartment forever, and he needed more care than she could give him, Rebecca started to search for Merlin’s new forever home. Final deciding that the perfect place for Merlin was with the Goats of Anarchy.

Even though Rebecca knew the volunteers at Goats of Anarchy would provide the best care for Merlin, she still worried whether her decision was the right one. Rebecca never stopped thinking about her duck, Merlin. After seeing his story online, she was thrilled to see him again and amazed that he’s walking on his own with the help of his new wheelchair. Rebecca now knows that she absolutely made the right decision to bring him to the Goats of Anarchy, and she’s excited that Merlin is making a difference in other duck’s lives.
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