Navy is an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy. Due to poor breeding, he was born with the ultimate “bad hips.” His pelvis never formed the sockets for his femurs to connect to. Therefore, he has no bone structure forming his hip joints. In addition, he has an extra vertebrae that is causing excess pressure on the nerves needed to feel and use his right hind leg, resulting in a “dead leg.” For now, Navy is able to use and, decently, get around on his left hind leg even though there is no hip structure. His muscles in that leg are able to keep up with his movement but it won’t be that way forever. As he grows, his muscle in that left hind leg will no longer be able to support his weight without the backing of a hip structure. So, he will lose any mobility he is able to gain from that leg as well. But there is good news! Thanks to donations, shares, likes, posts, etc. We have been able to raise money to pay for Navy’s FIRST Walkin Wheels wheelchair!!!! We are so thankful that he is now able to walk and play like a normal puppy.

You can follow Navy’s adventures at @navyswheels on Instagram