dog wheelchairs

I would love to tell you how good the wheelchair is for Max. He loves the freedom that he can have with the dog wheelchair.  I think this is the best gift that everyone should give to their beloved handicapped pet.

We took Max back to the parks, and everywhere we went it created a scene. People are interested in what happened to Max (Did he have an accident? How old is he? How heavy is he?)  They also ask where we got the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

I hope that I can change the Kiwi’s thinking and convince them to not give up on their pets too soon. I have to tell you for the past 13 years, I walk Max twice a day and almost never miss (don’t care what time or weather – even in storm or 11pm), and I have never seen any handicapped dog walking on a street or a park.

Anyway, thanks for your good product and your patience in helping me.