Maverick Takes First Steps in Wheelchair

HELENA, MT (June 7, 2021) – As a mom to a 4-year-old cocker spaniel, it never crossed Patty Pruett’s mind that her dog would ever need a wheelchair. “Maverick has always been a very happy, very active dog. Ever since we gave him his first ball, he will play until we are so tired that we have to hide the ball to get him to stop. Which is why I thought it was so strange about 5 weeks ago when Maverick didn’t go after the ball with the usual enthusiasm. Later that day, he wouldn’t come into the house, and he was shaking, so I thought maybe he had eaten something that had made him sick. I immediately called our veterinarian. It was a Saturday, so the vet on call agreed to meet us at the clinic. I quickly gathered everything needed to take him, opened the car door, and told him to get in. Maverick approached the passenger side of the car, placed his front feet in the door jam, and jumped. Suddenly he was on his back yipping in pain. He lost control of his bladder, and I could do nothing to help him. Something was seriously wrong! I picked him up and rushed him to the vet.”

Mobility loss in dogs can happen suddenly. Within four hours of his symptoms starting. Maverick had lost complete use of his back legs. Diagnosed with IVDD, a mobility condition that occurs when a herniated disc presses against a dog’s spinal cord and impacts leg function. Even with surgery, Maverick was given a 50% chance of regaining use of his back legs.

Knowing how important playing fetch was to Maverick, Patty knew she had to get him walking again. A friend suggested contacting Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company based out of NH. Once Maverick got into his Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, he was back to being that same energetic pup. Patty says, “Maverick is doing so good with his new wheels.  His legs are getting stronger, and he is actually trying to walk when he’s not in the cart.  The cart has allowed him to get up on his feet without having the burden of supporting all of his weight.”



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