Zach Skow of Marleys Mutt

AMHERST, NH (July 15, 2021) – Today, July 15th, marks the start of the new CDC ban which stops US animal rescues from saving international rescue dogs and bringing them to the US for adoption for one year.

The CDC recently announced a new ban, as of 7/15/21, will essentially stop rescues in the US from saving dogs internationally and restrict their ability to bring these incredible dogs back here to be adopted. When the ban was announced, Zach and his team at Marley’s Mutts jumped into action. racing to bring in 10 dogs from Lebanon and Morocco before the ban went into effect. With less than a month, they began to coordinate with Morocco Animal Aid to save as many dogs as possible.

Many of these dogs are in need of urgent medical care after being hit by cars, been shot, or severely abused. Zach said, “Helping get these dogs to America before the CDC ban has been uniquely challenging and taken incredible amounts of coordination. I’m proud of this team and even more proud to be a part of it.”

Mark Robinson fits a dog wheelchair

Mark Robinson at Marley's Mutts

When the NH-based Walkin’ Pets team learned that the Marley’s Mutts rescue mission included several dogs with mobility needs they immediately offered to give Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs to the dogs in need. Walkin’ Pets CEO and Founder, Mark Robinson travelled to the California-based rescue to hand deliver the wheelchairs himself. Mark spent the day with Zach and his team getting the dogs adjusted to their wheelchairs and making sure they have everything they need as they adjust to a life on wheels. Special needs dogs are often the hardest to get adopted, with their new wheelchairs these incredible pet’s will experience improved mobility and an easier time find their new families.

With the care and attention, they receive at Marley’s Mutts, these dogs will soon be on their way to finding their forever homes and a bright wheelchair.


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