Mark C RobinsonMark C. Robinson is the founder and president of and the inventor of the Walkin’ Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair.

Mark created the website to support caretakers of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets; providing them with the products, services, and support they need. He invented the Walkin’ Wheels in response to comments from the community of caretakers that utilize the website.

Mark is also the founder of the Handicapped Pets Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing dog wheelchairs to families with financial hardships.

Mark is also president of The Energy Grid; a company that designs and host websites, and provides search engine support services for companies in the renewable energy industry.

He is also a noted speaker and presenter. His speaking webste can be found at

Previously, he was VP Sales and Marketing for Nextek Power Systems and Director of Operations for Advanced Energy, both renewable energy companies. Prior to that, he was president of Computer & Network Services, a technology consulting firm. He has also been involved in businesses related to magazine publishing, printing, computer accessories,  software development, mailing list management, and alarm systems. He is widely known for developing “Computer Empowerment Seminars,” a method of computer training that succeeded by changing the way people feel about technology. He has written several books including “Dancing with Computers; do you still scream when you see a mouse?”.

Mark has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern NH, is a licensed master electrician, LEED accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a Microsoft Certified Professional, and a Reiki practitioner. He lives in Amherst NH.

Watch Mark C. Robinson at work pitching the Walkin’ Wheels to Walmart for their “Get On The Shelf” contest.

Mark C. Robinson describes the Walkin’ Wheels