daisy in her walkin wheels

AMHERST, NH (August 31, 2016) – Dr. Joann Fontaine and her staff at the Healthy Heart Vet Clinic in Loudon, N.H., have been going the extra mile for a 3-year-old Yorkie named Daisy. Daisy was given up to the clinic by her former owners when her back was injured by a larger dog in the family, causing her to become paralyzed in her rear legs.

Joy Hammer, who works for Dr. Fontaine, is giving Daisy a foster home by night, and brings her to the office by day. She helped Daisy get a Walkin’ Wheels® dog wheelchair in order to enable Daisy to become mobile again. Daisy took to the chair almost instantly, giving the Yorkie a welcome way to run around again.

Dr. Fontaine will be spaying Daisy, and Joy will be exploring whether Daisy can regain some use of her rear legs again through physical therapy. After that, they will be putting the adorable dog up for adoption. HandicappedPets.com, the Amherst-based company that makes the Walkin’ Wheels, is helping to find Daisy a home by spreading her story on their social media sites and blog.

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