Hope was born blind

Seven weeks ago, a fellow teacher came to me with a story of two 6-wk old Australian Shepherds. They were going to be shot by the breeder the following weekend because he thought they were blind. I was horrified, I just couldn’t picture 2 little babies being shot, they hadn’t even had a chance to “see” or experience anything.

blind white dog

The owner’s wife brought one for me to see, and I have to say my heart melted. I knew there was another little one just like her in trouble. I have 7 other dogs at home, and literally cried for what seemed like forever that night.

The following day they could be gone. I got on line and searched until I was red-eyed; searching for a rescue shelter to help me if I decided to take these two little girls. I found a website that discussed thoroughly about a breed called “Lethal White Aussies”.

Lethal white aussie dog

I noticed the information spoke about blind & deaf, as far as I knew they were only blind. The more I read and the more pictures I saw the more I knew that was exactly what they were. There was a phone number on the site, so I called it and spoke to a lady in Arizona for a couple of hours.

When our conversation was over, I knew they were coming to my house regardless of the negative advice of many friends.

Blind pet

What kind of life would they live??? I had no idea, but they were going to have a chance to live it!

The next day, two little white fur balls were on their way home with me. When we got home, I realized they were also deaf. Nine dogs!!!!! 6 cats!!!! 1 huge turtle!!! 3 aquariums full of fish!!!!! I was wondering “Am I capable of doing this?”

I decided to take pics of them to put on the site for adoption. I had to have faith and hope that things would work out……Faith and Hope…hummmmmm — Their new names!

Faith, all 7.1 pounds of her was standing so pretty on my deck, I quickly took a pic, and looked at the camera for sec, and thump, she fell off the deck. I was horrified. She was okay though.

Healthy Blind Pet

I knew then I had to watch them both much, much closer. They were special. Just how special, I was soon to find out.

I was on the Internet for hours upon hours, reading emails of people wanting to adopt Faith and Hope. I spoke on the phone to potential guardians for them. I was so scared I would make the wrong choice, these two babies were special!

After 3 weeks, of screening I found the perfect home for Faith in Wisconsin. Faith could see a bit out of one eye, so she did have an advantage.

Hope — what to do !! She is totally blind and deaf, I had so many ‘what ifs’? I needed to make sure she was in the right household; safe, loving, nurturing, and everything a fluffy ball of love needs.

Then one day I walked toward her to take her outside, and she ran to me with her little tail wagging like an ear-to-ear grin. Suddenly I knew…Hope is already in the right household!!!! She is here to stay.

She is now 14 weeks old, 30 pounds, and fur as soft as velvet. She has 1 brother and 6 sisters to play with. She can sit, follows me everywhere, and navigates better than I do in my car.

Hope is my miracle. She does see and hear — but with her heart. She trusts me to see and hear for her, wagging that tail and bootie like Chubby Checkers did the twist!

She checks out what is on the coffee table hourly — there could be a treat or something good to eat there! She has a stuffed puppy that she sleeps with, and loves to give kisses to all her family members. She thinks baby carrots are caviar!!!

Sometimes she just sits on my feet with her little face pointed straight at me, deep in thought. I look at her and almost forget to take a breath – the love she has for me and me for her cannot be seen or heard. The disabilities are superficial, sight and sounds aren’t needed for my gift…Hope.