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Leg Rings

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Leg Rings

The dog’s hindquarters are held in place by the leg rings, or our rear harness support system. The leg rings can also be used as a lifting harness when out of the wheelchair; the excess strapping can be touch-fastened together to make handles on each side.

How to choose the right size

Wheelchair Szie Wheel Size Leg Rings
Walkin’ Wheels Small 4″ 6″
Walkin’ Wheels Small 8″ 8″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium 4″ & 8″ 11″
*Walkin’ Wheels Medium 12″ strut 8″ wheels 13″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large 8″ & 12″ 13″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large 16″ 17″

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