BOW, NH (June 26, 2020) – Struggling to walk and stand on his own, it was unlikely that 13-year-old Blackbird would find his happy ending. The Pope Memorial SPCA in Bow, NH rescued Blackbird, along with other labs found living in a terrible condition. Forced to live outside his entire life, Blackbird only knew abuse and mistreatment. All that changed when he met Helen St. Pierre.

Senior pets and especially those with special needs are among the hardest to get adopted. It takes a special person to open their heart and their home to these incredible animals. Helen St. Pierre spends her days training pets at her business No Monkey Business Dog Training, and her compassion for animals carries over into all parts of her life. Helen, Jake, and the entire St. Pierre family rescue senior hospice dogs whenever possible to give them a last chance at a good life. Helen says, “It is hard, but the love they give us in their time with us makes it so worthwhile!” Helen knew the second she heard about Blackbird, that he would be joining their family.

Watching Blackbird’s mobility struggle, Helen knew Blackbird was going to need some extra help. “Being 13 I don’t expect him to be charging around the yard, but he’s so overweight at 93 lbs also that in order for him to have a good quality of life and for his hind end NOT to be so painful he needs to lose some weight – but how do you do that with a dog who struggles to move. Within a day of sharing Blackbird’s story online, the amazing organization Walkin’ Pets contacted me and we set up a time for them to come assess Blackbird and fit him for a cart that would allow him to take pressure off his hind end and start being able to move and enjoy life more.

They came today and fit him with his set of Walkin’ Wheels and to say it was amazing is an understatement. The relief in his eyes once the cart was secure and he didn’t have so much stress on his hind end he literally couldn’t wait to walk down the road. He was so happy. This doesn’t make him any younger, and it doesn’t change that he still has a hard time with certain tasks, but it does mean that he CAN enjoy what he has left of his time here without pain or struggling. It means he has a chance to move freely, to take walks with us, to get to check off things on a dog’s bucket list that he couldn’t have done before. Now with his new wheelchair, Blackbird can enjoy his time without struggling to walk. He already LOVES his new wheels!

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