disabled great dane dog wheelchairJohn is a big Kid, and most of the things that are helping aids, are for smaller Kids.Picture is the first two wheeled cart we have made for John.  The wheel position is set forward to allow better back support.  He seems to like the freedom, the 2 wheeled cart gives.

It’s John’s 2 wheeled cart. This cart has been specifically designed for mid-back injuries. It creates a better weight distribution than any commercial cart I have seen. It is not limited to the mid-back injured dog.

The upright, or wheel mounting is moved forward, 2 inches more than other carts. The saddle rings have been moved back in the cart.
A rear bar, and small stationary wheel has been added to make extra stability.
(This aids when John is backing up, over the speed limit.)
While moving forward, the rear wheel clears the ground by about 5 inches.
With the wheels forward, there is more weight added to the rear of the cart. This makes the dogs own weight, act as a counter balance.
The belly strap is not just for looks.
The increased rear weight makes a lift on the cart arms, thereby making a firm lift on the belly strap.
This also, decreases the shoulder down pressure.
Everyone with a cart, thinks about the shoulder weight.

The cart is harder to flip over, because the wheels are almost centered, and more inclined to pivot, instead of flipping.

Large Homemade dog cart

Everything that went into this design, is based on John’s size, and weight.
The same type cart can be made with light weight materials. The measurments would have to be cut down for the smaller dog. John’s height was our starting point. The harness is much the same as other carts use, except John has a belly strap, directly under his injury. I don’t want to be too vague, on the description of the cart, so if you have any questions, I will be glad to keep talking.

Kid John