handicapped dog photo submission
No-Knuckling Training Sock,
invented by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP

Most of our best ideas come from inventors like you. We value your ideas and, if we can use them to help dogs around the world, we want to pay you for them. Walkin’ Pets has an outstanding reputation for taking good care of our inventors, paying them fairly, and respecting their unique ideas.

If you already have a patent, that’s great! We can offer to license your patent and pay you royalties.

If you don’t have a patent, though, we need to be careful.

Our worst nightmare, is when you, an inventor, send us an idea for something we’re already working on. We reject the idea, come out with the product, and you feel like we’ve stolen your idea. Here’s how we protect you, and us:

First: We ask that you send us a general description of the invention. Nothing secret. Make the description general enough that it does not give away your idea. With this, we can determine whether this is something that we’re interested in, and that we’re not already working on it.

For example:
“I’ve invented a device that helps dogs in wheelchairs get up steps.”
“I’ve discovered a way to help keep a dog’s boots on in the snow.”
“I have an idea that will help blind dogs get around the house.”

With this, we can tell you what we’re already working on, what’s already for sale on the market, and whether we’re interested in the idea.

Second: We sign a non-disclosure agreement that protects you. This means that you can tell us your idea and we may not use it or discuss it with anyone.

Third: We can now discuss your idea freely. If it turns out that it was something we were already working on, we need to show you proof of that – like a drawing or emails from before we signed the non-disclosure agreement.

Fourth: If we like your idea and want to proceed, we work on a win-win deal that we both like.

So, if you have an idea for a product that will make the lives of pets happier and healthier, please fill out the form below with your general idea (per above).