Barney Walkin' Wheels
We connected this week with Barney’s owner Amy when she shared the following happy update about her experience with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair through our Facebook page.

Hi HandicappedPets! I cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair! Just one week ago, I was in tears thinking it was the end for my dog Barney. After months of progressive immobility from arthritis and hip dysplasia, his hind legs were so weak he was unable to walk or even go to the bathroom himself. We ordered his Walkin’ Wheels that same day and got it 2 days later! Today is day 5, and he has been on 4 long walks!

Due to his size, Barney cannot wear it in the house, but that’s ok because he gets to go for walks again. Every time I pull it out, Barney’s ears perk up, his tail starts wagging, and a huge smile comes across his face! I wanted to share some pictures and videos with you in hopes that it could inspire more pet parents to consider this wheelchair for their dogs! I’ve already been asked so many questions about it while walking Barney, and I endorse this product to anyone who will listen!! Thank you again for giving Barney his mobility and quality of life back!

nBarney on a walk with Walkin' Wheels  Barney Laying Dow