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We highly recommend using our SureFit® Calculator as it ensures the perfect custom fit for your pet. It requires a couple measurements, but only so we can provide your pet with the very best experience.

We recognize this takes a few minutes of your time, but those minutes are worth the happiness your pet will experience once they try out their wheelchair for the first time. Our wheelchairs have already helped more than 81,000 other pets. Let’s make that 81,001!

Other companies simply have you select a wheelchair based on weight, but that often results in a poor fit. Why? A 30 lb bulldog has a very different body type from a 30 lb corgi, but those companies will provide both with the same wheelchair.

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Heavy-Duty Support Harness for Pets


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Heavy-Duty Support Harness for Pets

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walkin' dog support sling

Product Details

The Heavy-Duty Support Harness for dogs is built to hold your dog up and to hold up to your dog! Veterinarian tested and approved, this harness works well for pets needing full support, including amputees or double amputees. Each Heavy-Duty Support Harness is custom-made to fit your pet’s measurements.

  • For dogs and other pets with a chest circumference of 15 inches or more.
  • A deliberately overbuilt harness for extreme durability for long-lasting support, control, and comfort.
  • Harness opens flat, wraps around pet, and secures with sturdy plastic buckles and touch-fastener closures on two adjustable X-Belly™ Support Straps.
  • Adjustable handles attach with heavy-duty, rust-resistant welded rings at four attachment points.
  • Abdominal cut-out reduces pressure on the soft belly, allowing male pets to urinate with harness on.
  • Belly and chest have layer of padding between inner and outer fabric.
  • Padding is quilted together to provide strength, transferring support from straps to the whole body of harness.
  • Optional adjustable Shoulder Strap ($39) has a range of 4-8 feet.
  • Comes in five colors.

The Heavy-Duty Support Harness is custom-made to fit your dog. The harness will ship within 5-7 business days.

How to Choose the Right Size

heavy-duty dog lift harness

Heavy-Duty Support Harnesses are made to order. Just three quick measurements are needed for us to make one for your pet.
It is only available for dogs with a chest circumference (A) of 15 inches or more.

Use a flexible cloth or plastic measuring tape. Metal measuring tapes bend awkwardly and make it very difficult to get an accurate measurement.

For accuracy, measure your pet while it is standing. If your dog cannot stand, lay the dog on its side, and arrange the legs to mimic a standing position.

It can be tough to measure a dog. Please take all measurements several times to be sure you’ve got the correct dimensions of your dog.
If your dog is very hairy, don’t over-tighten the tape; it can sink into the hair and give too small a measurement.

A: Chest Circumference
Measure the circumference of your dog’s chest at its thickest point, behind the front legs. On some dogs, the thickest part of the chest is right behind the front legs, and on others, it can be a couple of inches farther back.

Dogs with chest measurements of 48 inches or larger are considered a special request.
Pricing may vary – Please email for a quote.

B: Belly Circumference
Measure the circumference of your dog around the belly, an inch or so in front of the rear legs.

C: Body Length
Measure your dog along the side of its torso, from just behind the front leg to just in front of the rear leg.

TIP! If you are uncertain about the length measurement, wrap a thin towel or pillowcase around your dog, folded to fit much as the harness will fit, from just behind the front legs to just in front of the rear legs. You can then measure the towel to determine your dog’s length. We modify this measurement slightly to allow for leg movement and torso bend, so please measure accurately.

That’s it! You’ve made the three measurements we need to design your dog’s harness. Just choose a color and you are ready to order a Heavy-Duty Support Harness for your pet.

Product Instructions

full support dog lift harness

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Heavy-Duty disabled dog support harness different from other dog harnesses?

The Heavy-Duty harness differs from other disabled dog harnesses in several ways:
There is no need to thread your dog’s head or legs through loops of straps! We designed the harness to wrap around the dog’s body and clip-on around the head and forelegs. This eliminates the difficulties encountered when using many other types of dog support harnesses. If you have an arthritic dog or if your dog has had surgery, you might not want to bend him around too much to put a regular harness on; this harness solves that problem.

The wrap-around design and adjustable Bridge Strap™ allow the support harness to fit properly and stay centered on any dog in the product’s size range. It also ensures that the lift you provide is centered under your dog.

The dog support harness lifts the entire dog from underneath. The X-Belly™ straps cross under the body, connecting the front and rear support straps, thus creating a sling effect that lifts the whole dog at once.

The harness is unique in the way that it incorporates a network of heavy-duty support straps and a layer of padding into the body of the suit. The padded belly, broad straps, and abdominal cut-out keep it from uncomfortably binding or constricting a dog’s abdominal area.

Is the harness easy to put on and take off?
Yes, even if your dog can’t stand up on its own. The harness wraps around the dog, touch-fastener closures hold it in place, and the straps have clip-on buckles. Attach the handles and you’re off – just Wrap, Snap, and Go! Once your dog has worn the suit a few times and you’ve made the initial strap adjustments to get the desired fit, it really is that easy. And taking it off is even easier – simply release the five clips, peel the touch-fastener closures, and the suit is off in seconds!

Dogs come in a lot of different shapes. How can I be sure a support harness will fit my dog?

We have put a lot of thought into accurately sizing dogs and tailoring lift garments that fit and function well. Because overall size and the degree of body-taper vary greatly among different dog breeds, we have created a range of sizes to fit almost every type of dog, from Shih Tzu to St. Bernard, and beyond. You need only make three simple measurements, which will allow us to determine your dog’s size and construct a harness to match. And — there are no confusing size charts!

Will the support harness interfere with my dog’s collar?

No, the harness can be worn with your dog’s regular collar in place. Since the Harness doesn’t have to slide over the head and neck, you can even leave your dog’s collar on while you put the harness on. The Bridge Strap™ is a convenient place to grab the dog, instead of the collar, and you can clip a leash to any of the four suspension rings, so you may even decide the collar is un-needed “old technology.”

Does my dog need full strength in its legs for the harness to work?

No. The harness works for dogs with legs that don’t work. It was originally created for a dog named Bernard that has no ability to walk on his own. Despite his legs being of limited use, the harness allows his owners to help lift him up and downstairs and guide him around the yard.

How long can my dog wear the support harness?

Some owners find it easier to leave the suit on all day for those dogs that need help getting up regularly. At night, they sleep without the suit on. Bernard continues to wear his suit almost all day, every day. Both he and the suit are holding up fine.

Is the harness washable?

Yes. We recommend hand washing the harness in warm water with mild soap. You can also wash it in cold water in your washing machine with mild soap. Be sure to assemble the suit with buckles and touch-fastener closures before machine washing. Do not put the suit in the dryer. Lay it flat or hang for drying.

Will the harness still fit well if my dog loses or gains weight?

Each harness size is designed to fit a range of body sizes, so the fit of your dog’s harness should only be affected if its weight change is very extreme.

My dog should only need the support harness for a few weeks after surgery. What can I do with the harness after my dog’s recovery is complete?

Following your dog’s rehabilitation, the harness can be donated to an animal aid agency in your area. You may discover, however, that the harness is not only a post-surgery dog support sling but also can be useful for helping a healthy dog into a car or truck or helping your dog over obstacles or uneven terrain while hiking. It also provides better control over a dog than a collar and can be a useful training harness. As your dog grows older, you may even find that the harness is a great way to help your aging dog get up and around.

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