Greyhound Active on Wheels

Menhyt is an 11-year-old Greyhound. She was born in Tijuana at the “Agua Caliente” racing track, born in an unwanted litter of puppies from two racing dogs. The owner of the dogs offered me one of the puppies and I had to say yes. I must admit, that was one of the best decisions in my life, because she has been such a great companion. She is now 11-years-old and has been using the wheelchair for three years now. 

Menhyt has used two wheelchairs so far, and she is going to need a third one because those old tires are giving up from all her activity! She lost mobility in her rear legs when she was 8-years-old. She was so sad and lost so much weight. Some veterinarians suggested putting her to sleep because it was going to be “too much work” to care for her in this condition. I said NO to that idea and decided to do everything I could to keep her alive, happy, and enjoying life. It hasn’t been easy, but here we are, three years and 4 months later, and she is doing so well. 

After I got her her first wheelchair, she started moving around more and more, she gained some weight, and she seemed happier. It’s so nice that dog wheelchairs exist. Thank you for making them! I must say that Walkin’ Wheels are great quality and are very well built.

Claude Chagavia, @dexmenlove