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Full Body Support Harnesses for Dogs

Walkin’ Pets carries multiple full-body support harnesses for dogs recovering from a variety of injuries, age ranges, and unexpected setbacks. Total body support is beneficial for pets battling progressive mobility conditions like DM to help them maintain balance and stay active. Whether you have an elderly canine friend who simply needs a little help getting outside for potty time or is fully reliant on a sling or wheelchair for daily life, our products are the perfect complement. If you have a large dog who needs a full-body harness to be carried up the stairs, or a small dog recovering from surgery, we have you covered. Our full-body support harnesses for dogs are specifically made with comfort in mind, so your furry friend can wear his or hers for extended periods (if needed). Shop our products now for the loving support your dog needs!

  • Walkabout Front & Rear Combo HarnessWalkabout Front & Rear Combo Harness
    • Provides front and rear lifting support
    • Neoprene fabric
    • Handles do not adjust
    • Front & Rear do not connect with each other