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Front Lifting Support

  • Walkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene HarnessWalkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene Harness
    • Front lifting support for dogs up to 45 lbs
    • Compatible with Quad Walkin’ Wheels
    • Can replace front leg rings on Wheelchair
    • Provides additional comfort in wheelchair
  • Tucker Walkin' Warrior HarnessWalkin' Warrior Harness
    • Easy on/off design
    • Safely walk your pet
    • Designed for your pet’s comfort
    • Easily adjustable to fit your pet
  • Mini Front Vest PiperMini Front Vest Open
    • Compatible with Mini & Mini Doxie Walkin’ Wheels
    • Ideal for small, toy dogs and pets
    • Comfortable and easy to wear
    • Can be used as a walking harness
  • Walkin' Lift Combo Harness FrontWalkin' Lift Combo Harness Front in Wheelchair
    • Front Lifting support for dogs over 30 lbs
    • Compatible with Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs
    • Assists in/out of car, up/down stairs
    • Can be worn for extended periods of time
  • Humphrey in Walkin’ Small Front VestWalkin' Small Front Vest
    • Compatible with Small Walkin’ Wheels
    • Ideal for Small breed dogs with barrel chest
    • Comfortable and easy to wear
    • Can be used as a walking harness
  • Front Safety HarnessWalkin' Front Safety Harness
    • Designed as seatbelt for car safety
    • Reduces risk of injury in accident
    • Includes Heavy Duty Seatbelt Attachment
    • Can double as walking harness
  • Walkabout Front HarnessWalkabout Front Harness
    • Provides front lifting support
    • Neoprene fabric
    • Handles are sewn in, do not adjust
    • Not compatible with Walkin’ Wheels