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Front Leg Support

Pet and Dog Front Leg Splints

Has your pet recently suffered an injury to either of their front legs? Do you have a dog with a weak leg or recovering paw? Walkin’ Pets’ dog front leg splints are the solution they need. With everything from bootie splints and front splints, to non-knuckling socks and adjustable splints, we have it all. Each of our pet splints is made with comfortable, durable materials to minimize any resistance your pet may show when you fit it onto their leg. We also carry custom-fitting foam, wrist huggers, and carpal splints for smaller or milder injuries. These dog front leg splints and supplemental materials are designed to maximize your furry friend’s daily mobility in an intuitive fashion. Browse all of our pet splints today.

  • Walkin' Front SplintWalkin' Front Splint
    • Rigid support for lower, front leg injury
    • Keeps front leg in normal walking position
    • Front splint supports under paw
    • Less costly option than custom cast
  • Walkin’ Splints Custom-fit FoamWalkin’ Splints Custom-fit Foam
    • Provides more custom fit of splint
    • Includes patterns for commonly used foam shapes
    • Provides additional support where needed
    • Can be used to eliminate rub points
  • Walkin’ Wrist HuggerWalkin’ Wrist Hugger
    • Complete support of Carpal Joint of Front Leg
    • Fits natural angle of carpal joint
    • Touch fasteners provide support above & below carpal
    • Helps prevent hyperextension
  • Walkin’ Wrist WrapWalkin’ Wrist Wrap
    • Provide light support, similar to ace bandage
    • Supports wrist joint
    • Ideal for minor wrist injuries
    • Touch fasteners provide support to wrist