Thanks to New Wheelchair: Rescue Dog Frida is Ready for Forever Home

Amherst, NH (June 17, 2019) – All it takes is one special person, to change a rescue dog’s life forever. Sasha Corbett is a dedicated Vet Tech in Pensacola, FL who has gone above and beyond to help special needs animals.

When Sasha came across the story of a handicapped shelter dog who was struggling to find a home, she knew what she had to do. Frida was found injured living on the streets of Alabama. Scared and paralyzed, it took a good Samaritan several trips to the area to try and coax her out of hiding before Frida could be rescued. Frida was the victim of extreme abuse, her back had been broken, and her hip was shattered on one side. The Pike Animal Shelter fought for Frida, helping her to heal and determined to get Frida her happy ending.

It can take four times as long to find a special needs pet a home. After months of searching without luck, the shelter reached out to public for help. Sasha saw Frida’s story and jumped into action, coordinating with the Amazing Grace Bully Rescue in Pensacola so she could foster Frida. Even driving for three hours to meet the director halfway between Pensacola and Pike to go get her.

Although, Frida came to Sasha with a wheelchair, it was too small and frequently flips over causing her to crash. Afraid she was going to hurt herself, Sasha knew Frida needed a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Starting a fundraiser on social media to get her a wheelchair that would fit and change her life. The Walkin’ Pets team saw Sasha’s post, immediately offering to donate her a brand new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Now all of Sasha’s pets are in matching wheelchairs, Rosalie, her adopted American Bully, Scoot the tortoise on wheels and Frida! With her new wheelchair, Frida’s confidence is growing! Now Rosalie and Scoot have to keep up with her!

Now that Frida has her new wheels, she’s ready for her new adventure. Sasha and the Amazing Grace Bully Rescue know it may take a while for her to get adopted but they know that person comes along they will be so special.

Walkin’ Wheels Changes Lives of Three Rescue Animals

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