tashi 06 15 2016
AMHERST, NH (June 10, 2016) – Two months ago, HandicappedPets.com learned of dog rescue efforts by exiled Tibetan monks living in the Sera monastery in India. The monks were helping a dog, Tashi, who they had rescued after she had been attacked, consequently losing all use of her hind legs. HandicappedPets.com sent the monks a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair so that Tashi would not have to spend her life dragging the rear portion of her body around and could enjoy a high quality of life instead.

When the dog wheelchair arrived, the monks enlisted the help of local children to assemble it, and then strapped Tashi in for her first “ride.” The monks wrote to HandicappedPets.com that “She now has a new life of walking and playing around. She loves it.” The pet product company’s mission to serve the needs of aging, disabled, and injured pets dovetails perfectly with the monks’ quest to be beacons of compassion; Tashi is now a walking testament to those efforts.

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