Tracey Fowler with Dogs

AMHERST, NH (June 20, 2018) – Tracey Fowler of Mendon, Vermont, found her path in life and hasn’t stopped moving forward ever since. Tracey first discovered her calling to adopt special needs dogs when one of her three German Shepherds, Hayden, became lame due to degenerative myelopathy. Despite the disease, he lived an active life for two more years with the help of a dog wheelchair and Tracey’s love and care. When he passed, she looked for another special needs dog to adopt; many soon followed.

Now Tracey has seven dogs, five of them with special needs, four of them in dog wheelchairs. There have been several others who benefited from her care until they passed. Across the U.S., disabled and senior dogs often languish in shelters and are more likely than other shelter dogs to be euthanized before being rescued, fostered, or adopted. When Tracey adopts a dog from a shelter or rescue, she is most probably saving the dog’s life.

The dogs Tracey adopts are not only lucky to have been saved from euthanasia or a shelter life, they are lucky to be brought into a family of happy, active canines. Tracey gives her dogs the care they need to be healthy and to live life to the fullest, regardless of their disabilities.

Read more and watch a video interview with Tracey in this blog post:

Photo: Tracey Fowler and a few of her dogs.


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