Happy Ending for Disabled Dog

Callie a pit bull mix

AMHERST, NH (May 5, 2016) – It is National Pet Week, and Callie, a pit bull mix belonging to the Craig family of Willis, Texas, provides an inspirational example of pet devotion. Callie had the fortitude and strength of spirit not to give up when she lost mobility, and the Craigs gave their pet the devotion and special care she needed to get through her difficulties. Callie lost all mobility in her rear legs one night due to a herniated disk. The Craigs tried a few months of pain and anti-inflammatory medications at their veterinarian’s recommendation, and then tried acupuncture recommended by the vet. They also purchased a Walkin’ Wheels adjustable dog wheelchair. Weekly acupuncture treatments, coupled with exercising daily in the wheelchair, were the keys to her recovery. Callie began to respond; within a few months she regained her mobility and now no longer needs her wheels.

“I am a believer that many dogs with some of the same issues as Callie can in fact be treated successfully with medication, therapy, and acupuncture,” said DiAnne Craig. “She is living proof that these treatments worked.”

DiAnne Craig is so grateful for the success of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair that she set up a special fundraiser, through her online jewelry Facebook page, dedicated to helping the Handicapped Pets Foundation provide Walkin’ Wheels for pets in need: https://diannecraig.origamiowl.com/shop/party/285798. A video of Callie, from her first days of paralysis to recovery, can be found on the HandicappedPets.com website: Walkin’ Wheels Success.

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